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HaffizJi (Best Astrologer in India) helps everyone who comes to him irrespective of their religion, caste, or social status. He is a regular visitor to many Middle Eastern nations, U.S.A. Australia, Canada, UAE, UK, Finland, Muscat, Germany etc. where people come in large numbers to visit him. His prayers have helped people to get out several types of personal, financial, business,health and relationship problems. Haffizji (Best Astrologer in India) believes that faith and prayers can turn around most difficult of situations. Powerful prayers always work where all other worldly efforts have failed. Prayers and sincere faith can work and show results where astrologers and astrological remedies have failed.

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Gone are the times when one could rely on every astrologer offering remedies. Today, its certainly difficult to find the real guide. However, Haffiz Ji has proved to be the best astrologer today. People from large distances come to avail solutions to their problems. Beyond all this, the best thing about Haffiz ji is he himself takes initiative to visit different cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and even overseas so that the needy could be reached. This level of his dedication actually makes this astrologer a true messenger of God.


Mayawati is an Indian politician in India come by the Astrological Guidance from Haffiz Ji Jeevika Shah Obtaining Astrological Guidance from Haffiz Ji Mohammad Azharuddin Obtaining Astrological Guidance from Haffiz Ji Mayawati with Haffiz Ji the Famous Astrologer of India Astrological guidance by experienced Haffiz Ji  at Chandigarh A Family Discuss their Problems with  Haffiz Ji  at Chandigarh Lady consult  Haffiz Ji  for her Family Relationship problem Consulting Haffiz Ji for career problems suggestions at Chandigarh Lalu Prasad Yadav is an Indian politician from the state of Bihar, India with Haffiz Ji Haffiz Ji with Mohammad Azharuddin & Friends Ashok Pandit With Haffiz Ji Avtar Singh Karimpuri politician of the Bahujan Samaj Party from Punjab with Haffiz Ji

Clients Reviews

Haffiz Ji has done a miracle for me. It would not be wrong to call him a top astrologer in the world. He has the deep knowledge about the mystical healings and how can one’s life be turned up-side down. It’s his blessings that I am living a blissful life now and I am at the peaks of my career. Thank you Haffiz Ji, you are such a divine spirit and you will always be admired by me.
FARH AAN • JAL BAND , More Review
I am delighted to share my personal experience with Guru ji from India. It was an amazing spiritual and psychic experience. He is truly a man of great love and discernment. Jarrod’s story: When I first met the Guru ji, I immediately felt the powerful energy emanating from him. I could feel his spirit all around the room. I am usually a very busy person with multiple commitments to my multiple types of work. My 3 cell phones are constantly ringing and pulling me into 5 directions at once. However,. When it was my turn to sit with Guru ji and receive my personal messages, I felt completely relaxed and peaceful. He has a calming aura and his spirituality was like a divine sedative to me.
with love and peace profound, Jarrod Taylor
Haffiz Ji is a true healer and the best guide that one can ever get in his life. He enlightened the path of my life with his divine light and set me free from all my worries. He has helped me and my family at each and every instance of life. I met him a year ago and since then he has left a deep mark inside the core of my heart. Now I make sure that I always consult Haffiz Ji for the smallest and biggest decisions of my life. I am always blessed under his guidance.
I met Astrologer Haffiz Ji in 2002 at Chandigarh and since then I am his fan. He is famous astrologer, He has been an amazing adviser throughout. I seek his advise in every small or big decisions I need to take in everything, whether its related to my personal/ family, social or political issues. I discuss everything about my family with him. He is a spiritual man and best astrologer in India, I seek his advise and blessings like everyone. I am thankful to him for being such a great adviser.
He has a tremendous positive aura, and he does understand the destiny of a person to a great extent and particularly with reference to what is happening in present in any individual’s life. I also perceived a capacity in Haffiz Ji to Suggest do’s and don’ts in one’s life.
Makarand Dnyaneshwar Adkar (Advocate Supreme Court), More Review
I know him from a decade and a half and have very fine personal relationship with him. He possesses some spiritual powers by which he is able to visualize the problems of people and has the healing powers to solve them. Man from a humble background, dedicated to remove the problems and sufferings of mankind. This I say, from some of my personal experiences. May God give him more powers and more strength to be useful to the public at large.
Rajeev Marwah (Electronic Engg P.E.C.), More Review
My experience of spirituality with Haffiz ji cannot be described in few words or sentences. It has been and still is a path to come closer to god and understand the purpose of our existence in this world.
One thing is assured that one cannot follow this path unless a man is pure and honest with himself. Purity, Honesty and Service to mankind are very important requisites a man must possess to follow this path. Humility and Simplicity in thoughts, words and deeds are other important factors which we must try to acquire to lead a spiritual life.
For me religion and spiritualism are two different things .We can respect our religion only if we follow the path of spirituality otherwise in this world man will create only differences and become fanatics.
My devotion to my guru is absolutely selfless. I admire his quality of forgiving people and loving each one of us like he loves his God. To me he is an ocean of love. Nothing can stop him from showering his blessings on each one of us.
With warm and very high regards for my Guru
Anuradha Mohan Mumbai, More Review
“Haffiz Ji is the person who makes your dreams come true. He does the impossible! He has been like a God to me. He is most lovable, respectable and adorable to me. I cannot imagine my life without him. He helped me during most difficult phase of my life and completely changed my life. I shall be grateful to him throughout my life.”
Neeru Goel Mumbai, More Review
I would like to offer my sincere thanks to Haffiz ji for his help and
support that he extended to help me guide through the rough patches of
life. I have learnt from him to have hope in the midst of all adversities.
Just like he helped me, I have full faith in him that he shall by his
powers and grace shall always help people regain their faith and guide them
to lead a happy and peaceful life. I like his ever pleasing and helping
nature and am truly grateful to him.
Amit Bansal, Seatle USA, More Review
After meeting Guruji I feel a lot of change in me and my family. The positive changes in my life are all because of his advice and guidance. I want to thank him because he is doing a lot to help people who are in need of his guidance and support. I feel that he has been blessed with the divine vision and spiritual powers by God.
Ajay Shukla, Chandigarh, More Review
I am so delighted to talk about Hafizz Ji. Where should I start from? Well he is a blessing in my life. He is such great help, I can’t imagine solving my problems without him. He is just a God sent help for me. Can’t thank enough.
Mrs Guggie Singh, USA, More Review
Whenever I meet haffiz ji I feel peaceful. Whenever I come with any of my problem I don’t have to explain anything to him he knows everything with his divine vision for what we have come. He is like a family member to us. All my family members’ come to meet him not only during problems, but also to share happiness. My sisters one from Amritsar and one from England they specially come to visit him. We discuss all our family related, business related and personal issues with him and he has always guided us in the right direction.
Mr. Ravinder Vij, Chandigarh, More Review
I know Babaji since 1999. I have seen the number of people he has helped and I am yet to find a person who speaks bad about him. From a personal experience he has always been like an elder brother who has guided me towards the right direction and helped me to grow into a better human being. From the number of people I know who has come across Babaji, everyone has achieved inner peace and success.
Jashanjit Bedi, Chandigarh, More Review
I know Mr Haffiz ji since 14 years. He has helped me in all spheres of life. For me he is like god and without him I would not have survived in this world. I was facing some grim money & business problems which were banished from my life after I started following Haffiz Ji’s guidance. I’ve been his follower for more than a decade now and he is the only person I turn to in times of tribulations. Under his charisma, I never feel stressed now. He makes life easy and fruitful.

With warm and very high regards for my Guru

Sajal Ahluwalia, Yamunanagar, More Review

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Best Astrologer in the World

Haffiz Ji is one of the most popular astrologers across the globe. He has devoted his life to assist people and bring them out of life’s problems irrespective of their religion, caste or any form of discrimination. He believes in providing immediate solution to the problems while focusing on the core issue. Be it financial crisis, family problem, business problem or even some love issue, there is no problem that won’t be cured on a single meet with Haffiz Ji. Beyond everything, if you feel like impossible to pay a visit, give a single call and get an effective astrological remedy of your problem instantly.

Best Astrologer in the World

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