Stars and planets shape up the course of our life to a great extent. Staying updated about the effects that these celestial bodies have on our life is very important. If you feel, that your life has been affected by some evil, you can find your solutions here. Also get remedial solutions to your problems. These remedies can be completely trusted upon as they come directly from the knowledge bank of Haffiz Anwar UlHaq (Best Astrologer in India), a bankable name in the realm of “HEALING THROUGH PRAYERS???. Effective remedial Mantras and prayers provided by HaffizJi (Best Astrologer in India) can help you solve all the problems in your life

Mystic Faith Solutions Private Limited, holds as an online portal for Haffiz Anwar UlHaq (Best Astrologer in India), popularly known as Haffizji – a renowned healer and a spiritual guide to many who come to seek his help. Born on the 18th of March 1972, his father Haffiz Saidul Zafar passed on this divine gift of clairvoyance to him to continue this tradition of service at the completion of his scriptural studies. Serving humanity through spiritual counselling and guiding people with clairvoyance (sixth sense) has been in his family for 7-8 generations (350 years). Haffiz Anwar UlHaq (Best Astrologer in India) has been helping people with their problems since 1994. ‘Haffiz’ refers to a person who knows the ‘Quran’ by heart, also he is an experienced Amil(doer) and has been presented with this reverent appellation. He is also the founder of ‘IQRA Foundation for Minorities’, a non-profitable organization for the benefit of underprivileged children and women.

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