Human evolution has always been excited to know about their future.We have been using several ways to do this since ages, out of which some have really become outdated, while some are still in vogue. Here is a list of few ways that have been used to know what lies in the destiny ahead or what future holds.

Here are some most popular methods suggested by one of the best astrologers in India – Haffiz ji, which are still in trend and work well in case one wants to know the future or the life ahead.



Numerology is referred as the study of numbers, while electing figures as per one’s date of birth. It determines the effects and influence on the lives of a person. This since has been existing since mathematics came into evolution. And, it achieved prominence in the early 90’s.


Vedic Astrology


Another popular study which has been into trend since ancient times is around 5000 years old. Rig Veda, the oldest of 4 Vedas among Hindu culture, is said to be the originating glimpse of this astrological science. It is influenced from planets and stars thereby predicting future.




Palmistry is again very famous and people believe in this study to a great extent. Also popular as Chirology, this palm reading foretells the future. In fact study of size and shape of fingers or the lines of hand, one can even define the type of personality you are. It has its roots in Hindu astrology which was later used by Gipsy fortune tellers and Chinese yijing.


Western Astrology


Based on Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos (2nd Century CE), this branch of astrology predicts future of an individual by creating a horoscope or Natal chart with the help of exact information about the birth of a person. Planetary transit and cosmic bodies play a vital role in predicting future of a person.


Tarot Reading


It is by far unknown what exactly the origin of tarot reading is. This is a form of astrology that is used by Egyptians for years. However, even today there is no proof of such genesis and used of cards for future telling before 18th century.



Precognitive Dreams


It is the ability to see the future through dreams. Also known as Déjà Rêvé, it brings the same sensations associated with Déjà vu Aura and goose-bumps. This form of future telling gained popularity when many people claimed of seeing the sinking of Titanic in their dreams.




Tasseomancy also familiar as Tassology is an art of reading tea leaves. One interpret patters crafted by tea leaves in a cup. Tassemancy basically originated in Asia, Ancient Greece and Middle East, but above all it is associated with gypsy fortune tellers.



Dice Fotune Forecasting


This method of fortune telling is even older than palmistry. While that accounts to a period of 5000 years, this dice fortune forecasting is in trend for more than 8000 years. Though it had been one of the most popular forms of fortune telling, this is not so successful in today’s times.

With this, there are enormous ways of forecasting one’s future. Since man has always been curious to enter his future, the science in the field kept on developing which gave birth to so many different strategies of fortune telling.



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