Haffiz ji, one of the renowned astrologers on earth recently conducted a survey on human nature. It laid a vast degree of stress on emotional intelligence. Read on to know how emotional freedom is important and need to be developed in the right way.

The prime  thing that matters in an individual’s life is wellness and it simply does not mean the physical health. In fact, it is far beyond that. Wellness is the overall feeling of wellbeing. It slot in multiple aspects like:

  • Emotional wellness
  • Spiritual wellness
  • Financial wellness
  • Physical wellness
  • Mental wellness

All the above mentioned instincts need to be combined together to make a sense of complete wellness.

However, above all comes the emotional intelligence. It is a skill and a very vital part of human’s nature. When one enjoys the emotional freedom, the other types of wellness automatically get maintained. The empathy of someone who cares, actually work wonders to keep you healthy and peaceful. It is suggested to not to confide oneself in mixing up with people or trusting the ones.

Emotional intelligence actually makes us wise and offers us to learn from every chapter of life. Many times there rises a situation when you have to answer the queries of people. Think of a moment when somebody questioned you over your ambitions, someone criticized you or disagreed with you over one thing or the other. Whatever be the scenario, these situations teach you to be flexible, stress free and open minded life. With all this, a person can use emotional intelligence to come out of worst situation and transform them in better. And, in the contrary of situation when one is not open to accept the emotional changes or is not open in expressing, one is sure to carry grudges in heart, become a victim of pain, anger and psychosomatic diseases.

Whatever be the point, be it financial, job issue, family issue or any emotional problem you are into, there is always a need to have a perfect grip on mind, body and soul.

Here are some top suggestions of Haffiz Ji, the best astrologer to follow:

  • Do not make the mistake of changing people, they seldom change, so its better if you adapt them the way they are and avoid keeping expectations from them
  • Since health is wealth, it is important to keep it in a better state. Maintain your daily routine and follow it strictly to enjoy a very good health.
  • Positivity is an admirable trait. Your future is certainly the result of your present dreams and thoughts.
  • Perform your karmas safely because history repeats itself
  • Do something to de-stress yourself.

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