While different areas of our faces represent different things, one can learn about a person’s characteristics just through face reading. Out of those different areas of our body, eyes are the foremost feature we come across when we simply come in contact with each other. Eyes basically refer to the person’s luck from 35 to 40 years of his age. In case the eyes are not in a  good condition, this means a misfortune may fall within that age range in a person’s life. Therefore it is important to keep our eyes clear and in a good condition too. Simply avoid looking sleepy or tired all the time; this body feature plays a key role in governing our luck.

A person having sleepy or exhausted eyes are prone to live a not so happening life, whereas people with big and catchy eyes are full of love and it is not difficult for them to master fame and popularity. They are often very passionate and talk a lot. Even men love looking at ladies with beautiful eyes. However it is also not difficult for them to depart from their lovers. On the other hand people with small eyes are far way loyal and cautious to their lover. With this they have better analytical skills also.

Face Reading Based on Eyes copy

Another important area to pay attention on, while paying a look at the person’s eyes is to observe the iris. Iris refers to the water element, which means the wealth ability. If someone has got a bigger iris, he or she is an owner of a good amount of wealth. These people usually have higher goals for themselves. On the other hand, people who have more sclera space as compared to Iris are the people who put themselves above others. These people are often selfish and and will work in the direction to achieve their goals no matter what is affected. If the border between iris and sclera is totally parted, the person is definitely a lucky guy then.

Now comes the clear eyes. Very clear eyes indicate the robust health of a person. A person on the other hand with protruding eyes may encounter a not too good luck or we may also call it bad luck when she is between 35 to 40 years of age. Watery and moist eyes are the indicators of signifying that a person is very good at romance and he or she might give birth to ample of marital problems as there are chances of being in extra marital affair  for such women. This is also the sign that the person is too emotional which may be the result of his or her unhappy marriage life.

To conclude, one very important thing that we need to make out is there must not be red nerves in our eyes. Therefore wherever we are proceeding in life, the thing that we need to be sure of is the eyes are always fresh and clear. It may be fine if we carry on a bottle of eye drops to keep it fresh and clear all the time.

In a nutshell, our eyes define a lot about us and our personality. Be it the examination success, marital life, your career, you personal life or any phase of your life, your eyes speak a lot about your life and even about your characteristic. The more you keep them clean, better it is.


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