Swami Haridas offered the image of Bihariji which is today installed in Shri Banke Bihari Mandir. This image had been granted by one of the heavenly couple Shyama-Shyam. Shri Ashudhir and Smt. Gagngadevi, these divine souls gave birth to Swami Haridas Ji on the day of ram Ashtmi which was the eighth day of fortnight of Bhadrapad month of the year 1535 Vikrami, in a very small village popular as Haridaspur.

Once a princess from Rajasthan came for the darshan of Shree Banke Bihari at vrindavan. She was so astonished to see the Prince of Vrindavan and she wanted to be with him for the rest of his life. But, somehow her family insisted her to go back to her kingdom and she had tears in her eyes, with which she saw Banke Bihari. Bihari ji got pleased and mesmerized by her love. He started following him, and wasn’t  there at his temple home.

Later on people tried finding him and finally he was there at the Princess’s home. He was bullied back in his temple home as people missed him and wanted to see him there. That day onwards, a small veil came between Bhakta and the Lord, in order to keep Thakur Ji away from the love of any devotee and prevent him from following any of them.

Curtain – A safety Measure

Today, this curtain acts as safety measure between the lord and his devotees. Now the devotees’ can adore Lord for a long time with complete devotion while prevention of love is taken care of. However, Pujaris follow this discipline of keeping a curtain with an excuse that they are keeping child Krishna, Banke Bihari ji away from evils.

Night Out Experienced at Nidhivan 

Once a sewak fell asleep while handing fan to Banke Bihari Ji at night. When he realized he was in sleep, he just woke up with a jerk and noticed that he has missed his duty. This way his sleep got disturbed. It was 1o’clock and he kept an eye on Thakur Ji and found him returning at 4 in the morning. He was sweating badly and had flush in the face. However, the Sewak did not discontinue his duty. He was again awake to keep an eye on and found Thakur Ji leaving at 12o’ clock in night.

Raas Utsav

Raas Utsav celebrates the union with Lord. The sewak gave company to Thakur Ji and found him entering the Nidhivan. He heard the flute and saw the dancing air filling the night atmosphere. At 4 am, Thakurji went back to temple. After this Sewak came across the fact that Thakur Ji spend 4 hours each night with Gopis in raas.

Vraj lore

Brijwasis had trust that one can hear the flute of Lord and whispering of Radha Rani’s name and also the sounds of anklets in Vrindavan even today.



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