The moment word Navrtri comes, hindu hearts either start singing the bhajans or their limbs start dancing with excitement. Such is the power of this auspicious hindu festival. This is infact a wonderful occasion to commemorate and Thanks the goddess for all the blessings she has showered.

What is Navratri?

Navratri is celebrated  with great pomp and show across the globe, but this festival hold the utmost importance for Bengalis and the Gujratis. For both the communities, this occasion is no less than Diwali. Goddess Durga is the prime devi worshipped with great devotion with eight other forms of devis. With this, it is important to understand the importance of this sacred festival.

When literally translated the word navratri means “nine-nights”. This is actually the festival which continues for nine nights and ten days. This event is the symbol of triumph over the evil. And, the best part of the carnival is Dandiya and Garba Raas.

Story Behind Durgotsava

As per an old myth, durgotsava is an occasion to commemorate the successful farming results and owe gratitude to the goddess for her blessings, which means it is deeply associated with the farmers. It may be one of the reasons, but navratri is the festival to worship goddess or the devis in nine different forms. It actually grants respect to the female.

Since India has been a traditional land, the festivals begin with the worship and end on the same note, which undoubtedly separate and in fact outstands the Indian culture all over the globe. Similarly, this navratri festival is completely dedicated to the worship of Devi.

And if we brush up a little more on Indian mythology, the festival holds such great importance because Lord shiva had permitted goddess Durga to see her mother only for these nine days. Another story says that during these nine days, Goddess Durga had an encounter with demon Mahishasura in which Devi Ji knocked down the demon after a ruthless battle. Afterwards, goddess had been represented as Shakti – the Ultimate Power.

Now, what all this festival includes? Well, every culture celebrates this sacred festival in its own way, but the pivot remains the worship of Maa Durga. It includes: Praying, fasting, sacred dances, performing rituals and a complete enjoyment for nine days. And, the most important part of this festival is the worship of Kanya. The little girls are offered delicious cuisines with so many gifts and are pleased. In simple words they are actually worshipped in the form of devis.

Navratri is a period of nine days to pay homage to the women or so called devis, but remember dear readers, respect for women and the female gender is not supposed to be done on some fixed days. Make a ground in your heart where every woman is respected as a devi regardless of the occasions or such auspicious festivals like Navratri.

This navratri, let’s Pledge for this change and respect womanhood in all sense.




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