People born from 4 to 6 a.m

You are very proud and have the strength to succeed in what you propose. Fully expressed with the characteristics of your Sun sign and be the center of attention in all the places you stay. You have strong will, self-confidence and optimism. You will be an outstanding person, extroverted and with great ability to lead others, although you get a bit of selfishness and tendency to exaggerate. Your success is related to the expression of your creativity and the realization of your own initiatives.

People born 2 to 4 a.m.

Have the ability to attract money into your life. It is likely that you earn enough through your own efforts and initiatives. You will have a materialistic sense of life you will look very sharp and very attracted to the possessions that represent status, value and luxury.

Although the money is coming into your life, it is important that you learn to manage because you sneak out of your hands. Many times you will make purchases or investments or incur unnecessary expenses that you’ll regret later. You must learn to share your property and not leave yourself dazzled by the luxurious possessions. This position emphasizes your value scale, while concentrating on material things do not neglect your spiritual values and those of others. Your success depends a lot on your personal self-worth, your administrative capacity and relationships with lofty and powerful.

People born from midnight to 2 am

You have an outstanding mind; you will think very personal and devise solutions to your problems. It is important to study and to grow intellectually because it builds confidence in you. Your success in life is related to your brothers and your cousins: they exert a powerful influence on your life and probably have a very special attachment to one of them. Due to concerns in your mind, you travel a lot and connect with people. On the negative side these influences can lead to being impatient, fickle, arrogant or domineering with your opinions

People born between 10 and 12 p.m

Success in life is related to real estate business, or if you’re dedicated to something humanitarian, this influence makes you a natural psychologist.
This position of the Sun will certainly improve in the mature stage of your life, making you some full time and great achievements. You feel very proud of yourself and what you’ve accomplished throughout your life. It is likely that during this time you find a lot of recognition to your work and receive certain awards or honors.

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