Most of us know our date of birth, month and year we are born in, but the question is if you know the day when you took birth. All the seven days of the week have their names derived from moon, sun and five chief planets named: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. And each of the planet affect our lives in one way or the other. You would certainly be aware of the  planet ruling your zodiac sign, especially when you remember date and month of your birth. In addition to this it is also good to know which day you were born in to exactly know which planet rules that day. Reason behind is this that ruling planet of the day has a great impact on your personality, behaviour and character.

Here we will talk about the influence of every day and planet on your character.

Sunday also familiar to us as the day of sun is basically considered the first day of the week. As per ancient Greeks this day has been deemed as the day for resting, worship and performing other leisure activities. Therefore babies who take birth on this day, Sun boast as an additional ruler in their horoscope. Those who are born on this day are said to be fortunate. It is believed that sunday born people do not get satisfied with common or some very usual things in their lives. They struggle to be like sunshine rays depicting brightness. This way people born on this day are outgoing, creative, imaginative, bold, self-seeking, proud, overbearing and loud. Additionally some people born on this day of week are believed to possess divine abilities or psychic.

Influence of every day and planet on your character.

Monday is also popular as Moon day and is said to be the second day of the week. As per ancient myths three Mondays were considered unlucky. First Monday of April, second of August and ending Monday in the month of December.  However, children born on Monday have fluctuating moods like ups and downs. This happens because moon which is their ruling planet has an effect on their lives as well. Moon is deemed as one of the important planet to family bonds, to home and familiar things. Monday born people are full of emotions, are family oriented and more advanced and nurtured as compared to others. And because moon represents feminine principle, Monday is said to be protecting all women. Additionally, girls born on Monday prove to be very good wives, mothers and family protectors. On general note Monday born babies are emotional, humble, kind, impressionable, super-sensitive, motherly, flexible, possessive and inconstant.

Tuesday literally means tiew’s day, the God of Mars. Tuesday, the third day of the week is also called Tiw which relates to Mars the Roman God of war. Mars is the ruling planet for people born on Tuesday. The planet has such an effect on personalities that they become a fighting spirit, have a very firm desire to lead others, show a lot of initiative and have an unwavering will power to win. These are the people actually who are full of energy and exploits. They are good at making decisions and often make the right choices. Therefore a child born on Tuesday will grow up as an enthusiastic, active, courageous, energetic, impatient, brave, constructive, hot tempered and has a keen desire to achieve success.

Wednesday, the fourth day of the week was linked to God of wisdom, war, agriculture and poetry. Odin had been famous as the god of dead. A Wednesday child is ruled by Mercury planet. Therefore a person born on this day has inherited impatience and other inquisitive qualities pertaining to Mercury. However, people born on this day are very good at interacting, they are good communicators, logical, are reliable, quick, versatile and sometimes careless also.

Thursday traditionally considered the fifth day of the week is ruled by the planet Jupiter. This is considered as the most valuable planet of all. Jupiter is the biggest planet and people born on this day are indeed a superior personality. Jupiter depicts optimism, humor, development, freedom, happiness and independence. Therefore Thursday born people are fun loving, fanatical, extravagant, sharp tongued, expansive, philosophical, honorable, generous and are very curious to make proper use of time.

Friday, viewed as the sixth day of the week is committed to planet Venus. This is said to be the planet of love, romance, affection, beauty, color, elegance, pleasure, artistry and sharing. Therefore people born on this day are believed to be sympathetic, caring, affectionate, peace makers, artistic, social, pleasure seekers, seductive, lazy and vain.

Lastly comes Saturday, seventh day of the week. Saturn is the ruling planet of people born in Saturday. Therefore a Saturday born child definitely takes over some very good traits of Saturn. Saturn usually not only subdues rather merge qualities of every zodiac sign. People born on this day are considered to be professional, wise practical, subdued, complaining, suspicious and jealous.

This way, the day you were born on affect your personality and the ruling planet has got a lot to do in framing your personality or your character.


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