Child Birth Problems and Solutions by Astrology

Marriage is deemed to be complete after a child is born to the couple. Giving birth to a child helps in keeping the family legacy going on. Nowadays, many couples are facing problems with childbirth and conception and most of them are not even diagnosed with any biological problem. Modern medicine doctors just state that the reasons for not conceiving are unknown.

Now if the reason is unknown then what do such couples do?

Common Causes

Various complications can arise which may lead to a couple having childbirth issues. Sometimes the couple is unable to conceive due to various reasons which may also lead to miscarriages, mishaps, stillbirth, etc. The answer to this lies in childbirth astrology. It may be possible that these are due to some malefic planetary issues in your Horoscope. What you need is knowledge about some facts like the best month to conceive according to astrology, or pregnancy predictions by date of birth. Besides, planetary position matters a lot for every incredible and tragic depiction of an individual’s life including astrology for conceiving a baby.

Haffiz Ji For Child Problem Solution

If you are one of them who is not able to conceive a baby or facing issues with child-birth then consult Haffiz Ji, a spiritual specialist and the best astrologer in India who has expertise in pregnancy astrology by date of birth. He will resolve your issues like delay in childbirth with the help of spiritual remedies and the healing power of his prayers. Powerful prayers can also work where all the worldly efforts have failed. And soon you will be blessed with a baby.

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