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Haffiz Ji’s quotes are a collection of wise, life-changing, motivational, and inspiring quotes, including quotes on spirituality,  life, success, happiness, divinity, astrology, healing, worship etc.

“If you think you have lost everything, know that trees lose their leaves every fall and they still stand tall, waiting for the spring to come.” – Haffiz Ji 

“Astrology is a science. If you learn to use it, it doesn’t matter where you come from or what you believe in, it works.” – Haffiz Ji

“When COVID-19 is over, remember to continue social distancing from negative people who drain your energy.” – Haffiz Ji

“When God blesses you in terms of money, don’t elevate the standard of your living. Elevate the standard of your giving.” – Haffiz Ji

“If you use your mind to study spirituality, you won’t understand even one of those. If you study spirituality without using your mind, you’ll understand both. ” – Haffiz Ji 

“Never regret being a good person. Your conduct says everything about you and their conduct says everything about them.” – Haffiz Ji

“The world is full of goodness. If you can’t find good, be good.” – Haffiz Ji

“Do not constantly try to prove your worth to everyone. By the time they realize your value, you’ll be worth a lot more.” – Haffiz Ji

“Do not raise your kids to be rich and successful, raise them to be responsible and hardworking and success will soon follow.” – Haffiz Ji 

“Be kind to everyone. They all are suffering from things they don’t speak about.” – Haffiz Ji

“Incredible things happen to those who believe in a higher power.” – Haffiz Ji

“When in distress, sorrow or suffering; it’s time to seek the divine blessings of God.” – Haffiz Ji

“Answers to all your troubles lie behind God’s door. All you need to do is knock!” – Haffiz Ji 

“Always be kind & humble, the grace of God that has been granted to you may not last forever.” – Haffiz Ji

“You can lose all that you have but as long as you have God by your side, you have everything.” – Haffiz Ji

“We carry inside the miracles that we seek outside.” – Haffiz Ji


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